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Football Insider sets the agenda, breaks the biggest stories and provides insight using its own sources. A British football site with a global perspective that is written and edited by professional journalists, we aim to use our own sources to bring you the inside track on the stories that matter.

Impartial, authoritative and credible, we are not an aggregator and do not re-hash content from the web. Our words are our own and if we use a quote from elsewhere, we will give proper credit.

What makes us different in this crowded marketplace? We have excellent contacts in the football industry, which means you will find the news here. Often, you will find the news first here, including on the really big stories. We will set the agenda, break stories, provide insight and hopefully tell you something that maybe you didn’t know. We will also tell you the story behind the story.

In addition, you will find incisive features, analysis, first-hand reports and interviews with figures from football’s past and present. In short, we strive to provide original football journalism that you want to read. And that will give you a proper understanding about what is happening in the sport that you love and about issues that you care about.

To show why you can trust us, we have created a section that chronicles stories we have exclusively broken, or been on top of, long before they were extensively trailed in the established media or officially confirmed. You can find this section here


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Football Insider’s content is completely free so we need to give as many football fans as possible the opportunity to read it. A key part of this process has been to create social communities based around the club they support. We then deliver club specific content for free to those communities to consume, comment on and discuss.

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